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Big Agnes Boot Jack 24

I feel "bang for you buck" is the best way to describe the BootJack. For $179 you get a 24 degree bag with DownTek,  features that would run you well into the $200 price range with competing bags. As far as performance goes, the Boot Jack has gone above and beyond my expectations pretty much across the board. As far as pack-ability and weight goes, it does pretty well,  packing down to about 8 inches by 8 inches and weighing in at just over 2 pounds. In terms of fit the bag is true to size and provides ample arm and leg room. Where the bag really shines is with its durability and use of DownTek. I recently took this bag out to the Washington Coast for a surf trip. A misreading of the tide charts and camping a bit too close to the water resulted with my friends and I waking up at 2am to waves rolling into the foot our tent and totally soaking the bottom half of my bag. Despite the unwelcome addition of moisture the DownTek fabric lived up to its reputation and the bag continued to a great job of keeping me warm for the rest of the trip. My only complaint with the Boot Jack is the zipper. It seemed to get caught on excess material pretty easily, never badly, and I wouldn't call it an "issue" just enough to be noticeable. Overall, this is an awesome bag for an awesome price offering great durability and function for any adventure. 

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