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Compactor Poles by Black Diamond

The Compactor Pole by Black Diamond is a durable ski pole, which folds down into three sections, which makes it great for a number of winter activities.

The Compactor Pole works much like an Avalanche Probe, making it very durable. Once the three sections are made rigid, there is no chance for them to slip, even on steep side-hills when you’re really pushing on them. They are definitely heavier than an in-bounds ski pole, made to take the varied abuse that comes with skiing or riding in the backcountry.

Snowboarders and splitboarders will love how small this pole gets, making it able to fit in most 20L+ packs. However if you’re concerned about keeping up with your lightning fast skier friends during transitions from touring to riding, consider folding up your poles and holding them in your hands. It was easy to get used to riding while holding something in my hands (as easy as a selfie-stick!), and then they are one less item you need to remove from your pack when switching back to touring.!

They might also be useful for those who are combining skiing with ice climbing. It would give you the option to carry your poles in your pack while you’re ice climbing, if your tool straps aren’t great for carrying the poles. It may not make a huge difference, but sometimes options are a good thing!

They also make great poles for the summer months. Take the powder baskets off for the hike in, then pop them back on for the snowfields and glaciers! When you’re ready to rope up, fit the poles into your pack, check your knot, and start climbing!

They come in a short and long version, and are available at Backcountry Essentials.