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Dear Atomic

Dear Atomic,

Since you are now in the business of re-engineering ski boots, I’m wondering if you can please reinvent my Tele boots with some of the features that you put into the Atomic Backland carbon AT boots. The walk mode you put into that boot is ridiculously efficient. Some, like myself, will call it silly, as it shames me to concede how horrible my tele boots walk in comparison. At my age and stamina, I actually got back to trail-breaking instead of sweeping up the rear.

I know most people consider Tele dead, but it might have a chance of revival if there was a company willing to use the modern lightweight, heat moldable materials that are in the Backland. That heat moldable memory fit shell is money. I’m so glad I skied the first half of my first day without heating the liner and shell, so I could appreciate the difference afterwards. For my buddy, it fit perfect right out of the box. For my hobbit feet, after I cooked the boot, I then punched an extra spot for my ankle. The shell material is a bootfitter’s dream and accommodates even the hardest to fit feet.

I have been and will continue to be a proud Tele skier, however, there are the right tools for the right job. When it comes to traverses and volcanoes I will now know my Tele boots limitations in comparison. If Jah and Uhlr are brothers, and they are, and if Uhlr is a tele skier, which he is, then he too would implore you to make a tele boot as smoking as these.

Yours Truly,

A. Heretic

P.S. The Backlands walk better than plastic mountaineering boots.