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Patagonia Nano Air Jacket

Patagonia’s Nano-Air Jacket quickly became my favorite layer this winter for several reasons:

Comfort: The first is how comfortable the face fabric is. The fine-ness of the weave and fibers makes this piece surprisingly soft, making it really comfortable next to the skin. This jacket was my go to après ski jacket because, again, it is just so darn comfy.

All Weather Warmth: On colder days, or super wet days on the mountain, wearing a capilene t-shirt and the Nano-Air under my shell worked really well, keeping me warm, but not too warm. An added benefit of layering in this fashion was if my outer shell wetted out, the Nano-Air’s water resistant outer fabric kept me warm and dry. The synthetic insulation retains its insulating properties even when wet. If you wore a fleece layer under the jacket and put a shell over it I could see it keeping you warm in the coldest of situations.  

Breathable: Being so breathable it also served me well as an outer touring layer on colder sunny days. In addition to being a great mountain layer for me I wore it nearly every day on my way to work.

Water Resistant:  It does a pretty good job of keeping you dry in a light rain, so I wore it on hikes down in town with my two little boys too.  When I first got it water even beaded off it and keeping it clean was easy. It’s one of those jackets that was kind of self cleaning, another added bonus for a semi-retired dirtbag like myself.  

Overall I would recommend it to anyone and I hope they never stop producing this thing.