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Ski Boots Review

Backcountry Essentials has expanded into alpine skiing with more services and bootfitting. Now in addition to carrying the best of backcountry ski boots, we also carry boots for inbounds skiing that will give you the performance and comfort you’re looking for. And we guarantee that fit when you buy boots and custom footbeds (come in to learn more about our customer program).

No matter where you want to ski, the ski boot is your point of control and comfort, and, we think, the most important component of your ski gear. I divide boots on two axes: first, where do you want to go; and second, what type of foot do you have? The boots below are men’s models, but the same rules apply to the women’s models.

Are you skiing volcanoes and doing long traverses where efficient travel is most important? The Dynafit TLT 6 or Atomic Backlands are both made to be extremely efficient, both in weight and in the range of motion that their walk mode allows. The main difference between these boots is the foot shape that they fit best.

If you will mostly ski in the area, and want to leave the door open for some touring capability, or are willing to take on more weight to ski in the backcountry how you like to ski, see the Tecnica Cochise 120 or Scarpa Freedom. These two boots are compatible with all alpine and AT ski bindings. Again, one of the main differences here is the type of foot shape that will best fit the shell.

Finally, if you are looking for the most well rounded do everything backcountry ski boot, The Scarpa Maestrale RS has been the best selling boot in North America since it came out. Often times, if it’s not the lightest or the burliest, the middle gets lost, but not the RS, which is a great mix of up and down. The foot shape of this boot has a generally wide appeal, but if your foot doesn’t fit, our boot-fitters have lots of tricks (custom footbeds, punching or grinding the shell, heat moldable liners, shims and wedges) to improve the fit and performance.