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Tents in Review

Tents are one of the best pieces of gear to be weight conscious about, but they are also related to your sleep, so there is a balance to find between lightweight, comfort, and burly-ness. I have 3 different tents for different uses to which I’d like to bring your attention.

The Black Diamond Mesa is the ideal 2 person tent for the northwest mountaineer at $329. This tent blends the pole structure of a 4 season tent with the materials (mesh walls) of a three season tent for breathability. The trail weight is decent at 4lbs, 9oz, but you’ll love it when it’s still standing upright in high winds, or under a load of snow. If you venture above tree line, than this is the perfect tent for you.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 trail weight is amazingly scant at 2lbs, 13oz, but still offers luxurious living space by incorporating a pole to spread the walls out for more headroom. It’s no wonder the Copper Spur has been the best selling ultralight tent in the industry as it’s ideal for lightweight backpackers who still recognize comfort as important to enjoying their time outside. $399

Finally, the Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 4 is our family camping tent. It’s massive, but at 8lbs trail weight, still weighs less than most two 2 person tents. I see this as the tent for the family that maybe has young kids and will primarily go car camping, but as the kids get older will want to resume backpacking, or just can’t see themselves in one of the cheap, plastic bottom, square tents that weighs 20lbs or more. $249